Tervetuloa jälleen hoitoon!

🍓Olen palaamassa jälleen töihin Knipnäsiin 18.7 kiitollisena ja ravittuna inspiroivista, rentouttavista ja ilon täyttämistä lomapäivistä.
Returning back to work 18.7 after truly inspirating, nourishing and relaxing days full of Gratitude and Joy. 🍓
🌿Here in Raseborg I´m enjoying tranquil life, focusing on personal growth, meditation and exploring movement and somatic practices alongside osteopathy.
In osteopathy I keep on being inspired of possibilities to support of unfolding processes of everyone who finds his/her way to an osteopathic treatment.
To navigate in this world takes lot’s of effort, tolerance and acceptance.
I’m open to hear about your strategies to survive and surrender in the flow. Willing to share?🌿