Osteopathy is an unique
approach to Health.

Let yourself be balanced

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My osteopathic approach is effective, but gentle and has the depth to reach out to subtle bodies of being.


I´m offering an invitation for deep discovery and transformation through osteopathic treatment. 
While balancing the autonomic nervous system and helping the body be aligned with Health and ease, the root causes for symptoms will come to the surface.

By gentle touch, my focus is creating a supportive and safe space for healing.
Julia Dahlberg
Osteopath, Trauma-informed Yoga Teacher (RYT 200), dancer

I´m passionate about lifelong learning and my background in somatics, trauma-informed yoga, and insight meditation helps me listen to my patients´ needs carefully.

”Having a session with Julia is like being held by an Angel. She has a real gift for putting your system at ease so that your body and mind can find equilibrium.

I came to her with lower back pain and a chest ache, both were greatly improved by her sessions. I wholeheartedly recommend Julia to all of my friends.”
”It was such a treat to get a treatment from Julia. She listened to the needs of my body through conversation and by touch attentively.

Then she held space for my body to fall into alignment and healing. I highly recommend her as I had great results from working with her.”

Common issues Osteopathy can help with:

– Stress-related tension

– Autonomic nervous system imbalance 

– Sacrum or cranium related discomfort 

– Digestive issues

– Lower back pain

– Knee/hip pain

– Insomnia

– Sciatica

– Recovery after an accident or surgery

– Breathing difficulties

– Chronical diseases (Rheumatism, fibromyalgia etc.)

  • About osteopathy

    • Osteopathy is a safe, effective and holistic complementary therapy that aims to restore balance in the body. 
    • Osteopathic treatment is proven to positively affect the respiratory, nervous, lymphatic, and circulatory systems. 
    • It is also commonly used as a preventative treatment to reduce the risk of injury and pain. Treatment can also assist with sleep cycles.
    • The basic philosophy of Osteopathy is to obtain body unison to provide optimal health and movement.
"My experience with Julia and her work is indescribable. If you are open and willing, I recommend you interact with her to understand the transformational depth of her work on a sensing and experiential level with your own unique intersection of energies and experiences."


A healing process is like a journey that begins before entering a treatment room and continues in everyday life after a treatment.

The symptoms may be signals that we have gone beyond our limits or that we have repeatedly reacted with tension to some situations or events in our lives. 

They could help us to become sensitive to listening to ourselves more carefully. The more tension can be released during the treatment the deeper the process might begin after the treatment.

The symptoms can be seen as the tip of an iceberg, and something else that wants to become visible is often revealed. 



Benefits of osteopathic treatment



The purpose of osteopathic treatment is to reduce pain and prevent future discomfort by using osteopathic approach to restore balance in the body.

As a result, the benefits of osteopathy are often felt not only throughout the musculoskeletal system of the body but mentally as well.

Osteopaths believe that a problem with one system or part of the body affects the entirety of the body and its ability to heal itself. 

After the treatment is recommended to take time to rest and recover, avoid alcohol, and intense physical activities for one to two days.