A break for writing and exploration

Next weeks I will immerse myself in writing about my greatest interest – how physical symptoms can be seen as indicators of our mental, emotional and social habit patterns and their formation into our physical appearance.

Now I have been searching for a vocabulary to describe my insights in order to integrate them into my particular way of working as an osteopath. This has led my way to explore the literature of trauma-informed work and research as well as psychosomatical approaches.

Through clinical experience, I have felt there is a need to clarify, emphasize and research how holistic manual therapy can benefit from (inter alia) trauma-informed knowledge and more about how the field working with trauma or somatics can benefit from such a sensitive and effective art of therapy as osteopathy.

For that reason, I have taken a creative break from giving treatments and focusing on deepening and shaping my approach as an osteopath. My goal is to be able to serve, even better, to meet everyone’s needs in great depth.